Unlawful Sexual Activity
Rape Offender and The Victim


A deliberate and unlawful sexual activity precisely towards opposite sex and a weaker cell is one of the root-cause some persons are thrown into prisons on a daily basis. However, victims of this crime (rape) are usually faced with psychological problems, while in some cases, they lose their lives at the point of incident.

There’re questions surrounding the frequent occur rant of this crime – are these offenders ignorant of the consequence or what matters more is the quest to satisfy their urge irrespective of the outcome! Note: there will be a case with regards to our discussion, later in this post.

Persistence attitude exhibited by these offenders could be traced to idleness coupled with addiction. This is because, when sexually active youths and adults roam the streets aimlessly or have cultivated the habit of incessant consumption of hard drugs – in the process, they lose their sense of humor fueled by bad company. In the process, they become outlaws.

This act (unlawful sexual activity) has become the order of day in recent time, and importantly is the act of negligence from parents and our society, also a potential source of this Godforsaken habit of individuals without sense of humor, and to curb this scourge – parental and societal factors should be considered inevitable with urgent responds.

In most cases, these offenders carry out this act in a forcible manner, under threat of injury against their victim’s will. While in a terrible scenario, these victims are regarded as minor, incapable of valid consent, induced unconsciously, intoxicated or deceived. Situations when victims of rape survive the incident, most of them are often left with psychological challenges – ranging from mental depression, pains coupled with anatomical injuries.

I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head, too?” Credit ― Laurie Halse Anderson

The worst aspect of their (rape victims) pain is the injury of the mind, which takes years, lots of encouragement and proper counseling to enable them to move on with life.

Unlawful sexual activity or forceful sexual intercourse is a heinous crime and punishable by law. The punishment is weighed based on its gravity, which is based on the age range and its nature.   


Mr. Eteh, currently on trial raped a young girl, aged thirteen (13) years, he took advantage of the teen because she was left alone at home. Before penetration the victim, Mr. Eteh threatened – if she tells anyone about the incident, she will be dealt with. Fortunately, a neighbor gained access into the building where he (the offender) was apprehended after the rescuer had raised alarm.

Meanwhile, I understood I did not tell you about Mr. Eteh. Eteh is self-employed and he’s in his midfifties. That said, however, he is currently on trial and if charged eventually by the law court – he will spend twelve months or years behind bars.

  • Why is unlawful sexual activity common in populous countries?

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