Police Assault
Violent Police Assault


The volatility of our current society could be traced to police assault, also is the quest to meet up with the daily requirements or needs. Virtually all cases of assault are punishable by law, especially when the offender is considered physically and mentally superior to the victim. 

Meanwhile, note that our focus in this post will be based on Police Assault, which is a serious offense, and on a sad note, an offense vibrant youths and adults frequently fall victim of. However, if you’re vulnerable to issues or you practically lose your composure once you’re pissed or feel bullied by personnel’s, or if there be any misunderstanding between you and a law enforcement agent, it would certainly require, high level of tolerance whether the officer is at fault or not.

“Be an active bystander because sooner or later you or someone you love could be a victim too.”― Shahla Khan,

Please bear in mind that a case on this subject (police assault) will be discussed later in this post.

In another dimension, one could approach issues like this in a gentle manner based on his level of exposure, or better still, note the police officer’s ID or name and walk away. This could serve as evidence while reporting such a case to the appropriate authority in order to take proper action.  

When someone harasses me, I take a look at the situation and ask the question: What motivated them? When I get the answer I report it to the police.”― Stevenmagee

“It is not your job to understand. Sick people do sick things. You do not understand the mind of an abuser, because you are not sick like one.”― Hannah V. Sawyerr

Be informed that harassing a police officer on duty is a punishable offense, let alone an attempt of physical attack on a police officer, which is one of the root causes why people are throw into prisons on regular basis.  

In a situation when a police officer is harassed or physically attacked by a civilian, and in the process the offender gets apprehended, there are tendencies that the offender will face series of charges coupled with maltreatment from other police officers.


Mr. Vic is a learned young man, and while on transit, ran into police officers that felt he had violated the traffic law regulations and ordered him to stop, he couldn’t restrain from responding aggressively towards the police officers, coupled with the fact that he is a young man that easily get upset.

As a learned person he felt the police officers infringed on his right and had no option, but to address it immediately. Unfortunately, he lost his composure in the process and things went ugly, which eventually resulted to the fracas with the police officers, had one of the officers insulted and in the process lunge physical attack on him, however, they had him arrested.

He was eventually charged by the law court, on the basis of police assault, and was sentenced to six months imprisonment.

  • What could he (Mr. Vic) have done prior to his action towards the police?

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